(Stella Maria Sarah) Miles Franklin (1879-1954), author of My Brilliant Career resided at Thornford (1889-1902). Thornford Road turn-off is about 6 km further south along the Currawang Rd. 

The book is believed to be largely based on life at Thornford and in particular at Thornford School (which operated from 1870 to 1925).  There are many perceived overlaps between Franklin's life, her books and what we know of local history.

One cannot help but notice that the heroine of her most famous book published in 1902 is Sybylla Penelope Melvyn, the same names as Penelope Sibylla Macauley nee Neely (1853-1899) who is buried at Bangalore. 

The Franklin family moved to Penrith in 1903 but Miles continued to live intermittently in the district, with the Neely family.  But as early as February 1902 she was receiving mail C/o the Neelys.